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Stickers Bitches!


I love it when models let me stick things on them 😛

That’s how I roll!! haha


Why Dick Tracy?

Posted: July 2, 2009 in 2006


Don’t ask me why…but I was thinking of Dick Tracy comics when I made this (more like the Warren Beatty movie, but same diff).

yycstudio_Dueceyycstudio_redundies So funny story.

Model wants some pictures that she can show her mom! lol

This is some of what I came up with 😛

Shiny Disco Ball !!!

Posted: July 2, 2009 in 2006


At this point it was becoming obvious that my sense of humor was going to get the better of me. I didn’t fight it 😉

Usually when you see a pic of mine with wording…that means I was goofing off during editing.

Sometimes I just don’t know

Posted: July 2, 2009 in 2006

yycstudio_retroposter Okay so sometimes I will be the first to admit that I’m not really sure what I was going for?

This is one where I think I got it to 90% of the way I wanted to go…but the other 10% never came.

I think it looks like one of those Vintage Movie posters of some sort of slasher flick.

Still…I enjoy it none the less.

Early Faves

Posted: July 2, 2009 in 2006

This has all the elements I have grown to love over the years:

  • Pretty Eyes
  • Unkempt Hair
  • Random things used as backdrops (in this case it was a table cloth)! 😛


Hair on Fire

Posted: July 1, 2009 in 2006


So I was going for the whole hair-as-fire look. Remember I was new to this whole photoshop thing.

The picture in between is a hanging art piece from Seattle (?) Airport that I just recently came through.

I guess you can say I try to use current events as inspiration whenever I can.