Keep Out!

Posted: July 20, 2010 in 2009

No Boobs and No Vagina for you!

This is cute not only because of her expressions but also because it relates to a lot of girls. After this picture was published I got a lot of feedback from girls saying they know how this felt. It echoed moments when they don’t want to be looked at sexually or how sometimes you are “not in the mood” for whatever reason and don’t want to be touched. Also, you could take this a step further and bring up issues of sexual assault and molestation…but that’s not for me…draw your own conclusions.

It is also very innovative of me to use 2 shots seamlessly in one edit. Making it smaller and tilting it at an angle was a last-minute idea that really gives this photos a feeling of PLAY and literal sense of feeling SMALL or LESSER sometimes.


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