Realistic Vagina

Posted: March 10, 2010 in 2008

When we were messing around during this shoot I was wondering what to put on the balloon?

I was thinking of drawing a triangle at first (or a landing strip) 😛

But this worked SO MUCH better…

…I let her draw it (she was hesitant) but I think she did an admirable job.

p.s. I swear I did not fail human anatomy class!

  1. Hmm says:

    I’m sure her mother is really proud of her for doing smut like this…

    • yycstudio says:

      lol…you actually used the word ‘smut’! love it 🙂 don’t you know only old people and bible thumpers have that in their vocabulary.

      To the best of my knowledge her mother actively likes and supports her daughters artistic outlets. not all parents are prudes by default 🙂

      • Hmm says:

        im not *that* old or a bible thumpr…im surprised you didnt have a long balloon shaped like a cock penetrating her…wouldnt surprise me coming from a guy who prides himself on “voyeuristic gazes”

        i challenge u to find a picture that is true ART in your long range of work…art that represents more than a naked chick doing some sexual gimmick with tons of photoshop. be an artist.


      • yycstudio says:

        Haha, I can honestly say that I hadn’t thought of using a balloon as a penis before 🙂 I’m surprised that someone of your distinguised tastes has a better penchant for Balloon Erotica than myself. Bravo.

        Challenge Accepted! Challenge Met:

        As with about a quarter of my work, this was shot in film (which anyone knows is harder to produce than anything digital), lovingly developed and framed, and humbly displayed in a gallery. There is no photoshop, no nudity, and no gimmick.

        So by any stretch of any definition, this is ART.

        And just to make sure I wasn’t off base on calling myself an artist, I looked up some famous quotes on the subject. This one seems to resonate:

        “Art is what you can get away with.” – Andy Warhol


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