Sisters! :)

Posted: July 8, 2009 in 2007

So this is the first time that I shot SISTERS! Hot.


They were a LOT of fun: versatile, easy-going, creative…all the good things.

The funny part was where we shot this. It was one of those multi-purpose rooms that can be used from anything like dance class, to karate, to a debate class, to a meditation room, etc. Normally it’s pretty unused. The day I showed up… there was a Caribbean fest! The room was being used, so I was trying to get a hold of the models to see if they wanted to shoot somewhere else. They end up being lost and an hour late. Perfect timing in fact, as the last marimba player walked out…we walked in. Room Occupied! I bet people were a little confused, but I was like “sorry it’s booked.” 😛


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